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Why You Need The Right Pillow For A Good Night's Sleep​

We  use  pillows  daily  without  a  second  thought.  While  sleeping,  pillows  are  needed  to  support the S-shaped curve of the spine in natural position.  The major roles of pillows are to hold the neck properly  which serves as the starting point for the S-shape, and to help the body to keep the same natural position as you stand. The pillow fills the gap between the mattress, head and neck.


Most  first-time  customers  at  one  of  the  110  hotels  nationwide  operated  by  Japan  hotel  chain SUPER  HOTEL  are  surprised  when,  after  checking  in,  they  are  taken  to  shelves  full  of  pillows. 


"Please choose whichever you like,"  says  an employee of the hotel. Guests  can select  a pillow from seven different types, including a soft polyester one to one stuffed with activated charcoal that offers a deodorising effect.

"I always stay at hotels run by Super Hotel whenever I go on domestic business trips because they always have the kind of pillow I like," said Mr.  Yusuke Kawamura, 31, a businessman who has stayed at the chain's Tokyo Station Hotel.


For the guests to have a good night's rest, the company has made the walls of its rooms thicker than  those  of  other  hotels  to  reduce  outside  noise.  Super  Hotel  also  has  conducted  joint research with universities on bedding.


According  to  Yano  Economic  Research  Institute,  the  market  size  of  the  mattress  and  bedding industry,  which  includes  futon  and  pillows,  was  680  billion  yen  in  2013  and  has  been  growing for four-straight years since 2010. Mattresses with high-end features are the most competitive category of bedding goods. Adequate firmness and support are said to be necessary for a good night's sleep. 


Material and build varies depending on the product.Since  2010,  major  manufacturing  firm  Tanita  has  been  selling  a  "sleeping  scale",  a  device designed  to  measure  the  quality  of  sleep.  The  device  comes  in  a  flat,  sheetlike  form  and  is three  centimeters  thick.


When  fitted  on  a  mattress,  it  can  record  the  sleeper's  pulse  and breathing,  and  how  many  times  they  roll  over  in  bed.  Sometimes  you  need  to  improve  your lifestyle just before going to bed. For instance, looking at the brightly lit screen of a smartphone or drinking alcoholic beverages can lower the quality of your sleep.


Benefits of using the right pillowUsing the right pillow has a number of benefits. Many of you must have experienced not being able to sleep well due to changing your pillow from the one you use daily at home to another one  at  a  hotel  for  your  business  trip.  Using  the  right  pillow  that  you  are  accustomed  to  gives you  a  good  night’s  sleep.


The  right  pillow  also  provides  other  benefits  such  as  easing  muscle fatigue,  stress  on  joints,  stiff  shoulders  and  neck  pain,  preventing  unnatural  distortion  of  the cervical spine, and improving snoring as it supports the airway, etc.


Whether you are at home or on the road, you need to choose the right pillow to get a good night's sleep. 


Source: http://fukuyama.oriental-web.co.jp/en/sleep.html

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