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Where to Invest or Start a Business in Burma

Where to Invest or Start a Business in Burma

Only a short plane ride from Hong Kong or Singapore, you can leave the developed world and be transported back to the 1950’s in Myanmar… which was at the time the rice bowl of Asia. Just a 3 hour flight and a few hundred dollars, and your perspective is altered forever. That’s the beauty of travel, and part of the beauty of South East Asia.


Every time you cross a border into a new country, you enter into a different society. There are new laws, new language and culture, the food and the people are slightly different. This takes time to adapt, especially if you have the eyes of an entrepreneur and investor who want to learn quickly where the problems and subsequent opportunity lie.


For instance, entering Burma for the first time last week was a eye-opening experience. What a land of both problems and opportunities. The Burmese leaders are very smart, and know what they are doing, they do not need money – they need expertise in specific areas. However, not everyone is at the place is selling shovels to the miners – many are trying to mine themselves.


Where you should put your money in Myanmar


Anywhere there is a problem that needs to be solved, that isn’t restricted or regulated by the government. But the reality is: it is simultaneously both a better investment, but also harder than you think.


As investment opportunities dry up in the west, banks offer record low rates it becomes obvious that a corporation, banking, or assets flag planted offshore is a prudent and intelligent practice. Keeping your money in the West is fighting a losing battle.


You could start literally ANY infrastructure business in Myanmar and find yourself doing quite well several years later. Returns of 100% ROI within 5 years would be considered on the low end of the spectrum when doing business in Myanmar. There is a need for ambulances, cars, apartments, hotels, restaurants, almost anything but for doing business in Myanmar you need to put boots on the ground to do it right, and find a trusted local partner.


The times, they are a changing


Nowadays there is an entire generation of young men and women seeking opportunities outside the borders of their home country. In the past, you had to live in the same country to invest or start a business. Nowadays, you can diversify without leaving home.


Like a rolling stone


Regardless of whether you're ready to embrace a worldview or not – the world has already changed. We already live in an internationally connected world – one that is fragile, unpredictable, volatile and dangerous. And those who are the most connected, and most diversified across borders are the ones who will be able to survive and thrive what is to come in the future. Those who have clean food, water, healthcare and physical assets will be safe. Those who supply others with clean food, water, healthcare and physical assets will make a fortune in the years to come.



​Source: https://flagtheory.com/doing-business-in-myanmar 

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