SUPER HOTEL Kabar Aye Road Yangon


SUPER HOTEL Kabar Aye Road Yangon

“Good hotel”

Hotel is clean functional & good value. Japanese influence even to the Hi-tech toilets. A bit away from the downtown action but some great restaurants like Jeff's Kitchen is a really close walk (a good one to have close by!).



Level 5 Contributor (May 15, 2016)

“Japanese style hotel in Yangon, nice staff and clean room”

“Small yet full of amenities”

“Great Japanese Hotel for short and long-term stay”

This hotel is not so far from airport and also not so far from downtown. Japanese style entirely when you go through the hotel. Nice staff with practically Japanese way. Japanese breakfast to serve. clean and properly space in Japanese room style. it's a bit noise when someone pass in front of your room but it is still accepted. They have hot spring room that it 's time available on board for man and woman 
for using. (separate time for man and woman)


Jiraphatb from Yangon

As it is a Japanese style hotel, the rooms are pretty small. However the room/hotel has full of amenities. From air purifier, clothes hanger, toilet bowl is warmers to choices of pillows, this hotel has it all. The room is clean and cozy. No place for extra bed. Although facing the road, it is not noisy. The staffs are friendly and can speak English. We had to check out before  breakfast buffet starts so the hotel offered to pack sandwiches for us, and they are yummy. Good location too since Kabar Aye Road traffic is not as bad as city centre. A few minutes car ride to nearest shopping mall. Will stay again but will ask for the biggest room available if I am with my kids.


Laminlay from Singapore

Great hotel for short and long-term stay. It is on the main road and near to a lot of sceneries. Suitable for  frequent  vacation  and  business travelers.  I  love  the  public  hot  bath  on  the  top  floor.  Staffs  are 
courteous and very accommodating, sorting out all concerns whenever they can.

WardHo L

Level 3 Contributor (August 21, 2016)

Level 3 Contributor (January 8, 2017)

Level 4 Contributor (January 6, 2017)

Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar
Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar
Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar


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Guest Reviews from TripAdvisor

"Well equipped, clean & nice Japanese hotel"​

Stayed  3  nights  for  business  trip.  It  is a  very  small  but  compact  Japanese hotel.  The  staff  are friendly  and  can  speak  fluent  English.  The  location  is near  not  very  far  from  Airport  and going  to the famous Shwedagon Pagoda is just about 15-min taxi ride.

The  room  is  like  a  typical  Japanese style  business  hotel,  clean,  small  but well  equipped  with  all amenities needed. I specially love to bathroom with the powerful water for shower. Breakfast was the  great  Japanese  style  meal. The  hotel  has  the  public  hot  bath available  with  difference  timing open for man and women too. Recommended and will come back if need to be in Yangon next time again.​


昼間の時間帯は日本人スタッフさんがいて、とても心強いです。ほかのスタッフさんもしっかりと 挨拶をしてくれて、気持ちが良いです。タクシーは玄関の守衛さんがすぐに呼んでくれます。だいたい適切な値段で行ってくれます。ホテ ルを出て左手に2,3分行くとバス停があり、ルート番号「28」に乗れば200チャットでSAKURA タワー(シャングリラホテル)まで行けて便利です。(2017年1月に新路線がスタートし、3月現 在の情報です。)また、環状線のパラミ駅からも歩いて15分強なので、時間さえあえば乗ってみる と面白いかもしれません。(昭和の頃に廃車になった日本の車両がそのまま使われています。ヤン ゴン駅からの出発時間は『歩き方』が参考になります)パラミロードとガバエロードが交差する辺 りに小さなコンビニがあります。とりあえずのものはここでなんとかなります。チェックアウト後も、入浴時間があえば大浴場を利用させてくれます、それもタオル付きで。本当 に至れり尽くせりで感動しました。


+95 97 9720 9000

SUPER HOTEL Kabar Aye Road Yangon
Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar