Japanese International Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar
Hotel chain in Japan
Kabar Aye Road
now in Yangon, Myanmar

Unwind in a spacious bath with a view of Inya Lake and Yangon cityscape kicks your fatigue, make you 
relaxed, and have a sound sleep at night.

Rooftop open-air hot bath

Soothe your evening away with our Japanese-styled masseuse with traditional techniques unmatched in Yangon.

Japanese massage

Choose from seven selections of soft to hard, thin to thick, flat to curve pillows to maximise your comfort for your stay.

Selection of comfort pillows

The hotel offers washers and dryers along with laundry detergent, all free of charge, for your convenience.

Washer & Dryer

We are providing the following Massage plans:​



For Outside Guest,


▪  Foot massage & Japanese hot spring - $25.00 per pax

▪  Body massage & Japanese hot spring - $30.00 per pax


For In-house Guest,


▪  Foot massage - $12.00 per pax

▪  Body massage - $15.00 per pax



+95 97 9720 9000

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